The school curriculum is organised on a vertical model for Years 8-12, as students develop learning skills and knowledge through a range of Key Learning Areas, with flexible student access to VCE, VCAL and VET for senior students. The college program is enhanced through its involvement with the North Central Trade Training Centre, network schools and video conferencing / virtual learning opportunities.

Our Foundation to Year 6 curriculum includes sustained literacy and numeracy blocks. Students also engage in Integrated Studies units which introduce and develop many of the AUSvels / Australian Curriculum / Victorian Curriculum domains. Specialist areas delivered include Art, Technology, Music, Drama, Sport, Physical Education and ITC.  Students in Years F-6 study Indonesian as their LOTE, while Semester 2, Year 6 start French, with French completed by all Year 7-8 students.

This school utilises a range of thinking and learning strategies, augmented by a notebook program, IPAD s, google drive functions and electronic whiteboards.

A Community Garden, a Gateways program that links with the CFA and local agriculture / horticulture, and a wide camps and Outdoor Education program, also help to contribute to curriculum options available.

The school sees itself as a place in which students, staff and the wider school community can come together to support each other both educationally and socially, making a better society for all.