Boort District P-12 School is a small rural P12 school located in North-Central Victoria and draws enrolments from a wide geographic area including Quambatook and Pyramid Hill. The Boort District P-12 School has embraced a variety of whole school structures including assemblies, sports days, cultural and social events, and parent-teacher interviews. The school has a number of distinct groupings based on curriculum and social groupings, such as a F-4, F-6, stand alone Year 7 with increased English and Maths time, a vertical 8-10 curriculum and VCE / VET / VCAL structures. The VCE median study score has consistently been at 30 or above. The school provides students with flexible learning spaces, state of the art digital facilities and infrastructure, expansive play areas and a sports stadium with performing arts facilities.

In 2020, Boort District P-12 School has a student enrolment of 222 and a full time teaching and support staff of 28.6. The school offers a wide range of senior programs including VCE, VCAL and VET. The school curriculum program is supplemented by the North Central Trade Training Centre, which provides the majority of the technology and Vocational Education and Training provision for our students. Cooperation with the other North Central Cluster schools (Charlton, Wedderburn, St Arnaud, Wycheproof, Donald, Birchip and Pyramid Hill) in the staffing and funding of the Trade Training Centre, as well as in the sharing of Video Conferencing facilities, enables the College to provide a comprehensive curriculum. 2017 saw the school recognised as a school of “Influence” based on a range of data and the 2019 VCE median study score was ranked 14th in Victoria in the state school system.

Boort District P-12 School continues to build on the outstanding results achieved by past students and the high aspirations that the school community has for its current students, as evidenced by the school motto, "Achieving excellence together".


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