Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) for 2020

Boort District School is working towards a dual ICT equipment platforms with both Laptops and iPads in use.  This replicates how many workplaces function in today’s society and also builds on feedback from tertiary students in relation to study, notetaking, preparation and presentation of student work.  The school aims for a 1-1, student to laptop ratio.  As part of this, all Year 5 to 12 students are encouraged to supply their own laptop for use at school. This is referred to as the BYOD program (Bring Your Own Device).

Option 1 – Purchase your own BYOD

Source your own Bring Your Own Device and we would encourage that they meet the College technical specifications.

Recommended minimum specifications listed below.


Option 2 – Purchase via Portal.

BDS has arranged with oeOnline and Edunet to provide a choice of machines that meet the schools specifications. To access this click on the following link:


Click on the 'Purchase' button to view the devices

Access Code: Boort2019

Questions or Concerns to do with purchasing please contact Edunet (03 9708 8700 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)



Recommended Minimum Specification

Device Type

Windows Laptop

Mac Laptop


Operating System

 Windows 10  OsX10.12 or higher  Latest iOS


Intel i3 (or equivalent) or better

Intel i3 or better


Minimum Screen Size

11” or bigger

11” or bigger

iPad or iPad Mini

Storage/Hard Drive 64 GB in size
SSD for speed

Recommended 32GB or larger


Minimum 4GB,
8GB recommended

Minimum 4GB
8GB recommended


Minimum Battery Life

6 hrs or more

6 hrs or more

6 hrs or more


Encourage 3yr

Encourage 3 yr

Encourage 3 yr

 Example Purchase Locations

Harvey Norman
Office Works
The Good Guys
BDS BYOD Portal - Edunet

Manufactures Website, Dell, Acer, HP, etc

BDS BYOD Portal - Edunet
Harvey Norman

BDS BYOD Portal - Edunet
Harvey Norman


Google Chrome; Microsoft Office; Antivirus
Additional All students are eligible to download a free copy of Microsoft Office 365, as they have an school supplied education based email address.
Office 365 for Students instructions 

Students must ensure that their files are regularly backed up.


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office 365 for education instructions
pre school information for parents for 2019 ict
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